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  • A little about me

    Welcome to Ihle Creations, internet home of Adam Ihle. Who is Adam Ihle you ask? Well, I am just a regular guy who enjoys making things up. For almost two decades I have been working as a professional artist/designer/sculptor and sometimes actor. My work has been in print, on television and in motion pictures, on stage, in toy stores, on the internet and in theme parks. Please have a look around and if you have any questions send me a note on my contact page.

  • Video

    The following videos are of commercials and videos that my work has appeared in or was used in the making of. These are for self promotion only and no infringement is intended.

    In this Toronto Blue Jays commercial the speaker surround at "Mammoth Burger" is one of my sculptures. A still is available in the gallery.

    Although it goes by very fast, the tree branch in this Carnival Cruise Line commercial was a sculpture by Brian Cowell and myself.

    An odd commercial to say the least. This commercial is for a Russian chewing gum called Dirol. I was the lead sculptor on this set, which was sculpted by Sean Ames, Andy Costello, Morgan Lee Chrisopher Marvin Wesley Johnson, Craig Johnson and Myself. A still from the soundstage can be seen in the image gallery

    Here is a rare time that not only my work is on screen but I am as well. HGTV's My House Goes Disney, an special one show spin off of the popular My Yard Goes Disney Series. At around the 20-21 minute mark, I make my appearence. I would also like to say, even though the host of the show, Brandon, says I was working for "weeks" on the "Crush" head, it was, in reality, only a few days.

    Another of HGTV's My Yard Goes Disney. The season 2 finale, The Galloways. I worked on art department stuff here and there and if you look closely you can see me or my Ihle Creations Logo pop up now and then. My car even makes a cameo, it's the silver Jetta following the pirate ship as it's being delivered.

    This video is my audition for season 7 of Face Off

    And this video is my audition for season 6 of Face Off

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    Here you will find the latest updates and posts from my Deviantart page and my blog.

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  • other's kind words

    The following recommendations and endorsements can be found on my LinkedIn profile

    "Adam Ihle's contributions to our low-budget indie production were remarkable. He always gave 110%, with a great attitude under difficult conditions. He was creative, skilled, generous, collaborative, enthusiastic and really enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend him.” Glenn Gers, Director - The Accountant

    "Adam Ihle is one of the best sculptors I have had the privilege to work with. His ability to visualize and execute the sculpture of original works or to-spec projects in short periods of time accurately and dynamically is amazing. Adam is easy to work with, knowledgeable, intelligent, and efficient. He holds Quality as top priority without losing site of budget and time restraints. Is ability to price, bid, design, plan, schedule, and fabricate is complimented by his ability to communicate with other professionals and clients, making him an ideal candidate as a manager on any sculpture/ fabrication project." Brian Cowell, Scenic Artist/Sculptor - Cinnabar Florida

    "Adam Ihle is an outstanding Designer and Marketing leader and visionary that exudes Professionalism. Adam is also a leader by example and no matter how much time is required of him to set the direction he still finds time to explore concepts and marketing ideas on the granular level. He does what he does with passion and treats all of his colleagues, both superior and subordinate, with and genuine respect and appreciation. Adam works hard and smart and being with someone like him in a work environment is very energetic. In short, a very creative indiviual with a wealth of talent." Michael Lumbrazo, Internet Marketing Manager - Always Best Care Senior Services

    "Being able to work within a team is of critical importance. Adam was comfortable being both an active participant and leader in different situations. His natural charisma and pleasant personality ensured that he always got along with coworkers and clients alike. His talent speaks for itself." Christine Deyo Martin, President - FosterMartin Inc. & CEO - Vavalon Solutions

  • a little more about me

    Since you made it to this page I guess you would like to know a little more about me, OK here you go. I was born in Staten Island, NY, in shall we just say the early 1970's. From a very early age I had an affinity for art and all things artistic. I was always drawing or doodling some sort of superhero or Star Wars character all during my childhood. I had a love for comics and cartoons that soon developed into a passion for film and motion pictures. I knew by junior high that I wanted to work in "the movies". Now most kids who say that want to be actors, but I wanted to make the movies. I was fascinated by special effects. I watched every "making of" video or TV show I could get my hands on. As I entered high school I started leaning towards animation and the possibility of choosing that career, but as we can all see, I didn't go that route.

    Let's jump ahead a few years as I took a few years after high school to blow off some steam and such. In 1995 I enrolled into the Industrial Design program at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. It was there that I learned I could sculpt. Sure I had clay as a child but I had never really sat down and tried to create something out of it before. I had found that I love to sculpt. It was that love of sculpting that forged my early career. After graduating, (on the deans list might I add) while many headed west, I headed east back to my hometown of NYC. Within a few months there I landed my first show, and not just landed it, I was Key Hair and Make up for the film. A few more smaller shows followed but I was quickly finding out that I had bills to pay and needed to find other ways to supplement my income.

    There was dwindling work in NYC at the time for a non union FX artist so I needed to find something to fall back on. With the help of a few friends I started to teach myself the basics of Photoshop and the rest of the Adobe software of the time. I took a position as an apprentice graphic designer at a firm in NYC and learned alot about the business, but it wasn't what I really wanted to do. Then I got a lucky break, a local toy sculpting company was looking for artists. I got the job and was soon sculpting all sorts of collectibles, from action figures to mini busts and statues. That all ended on Sept. 11, 2001. The company I worked for had to postpone work as our clients halted production of everything. I was laid off the next day. I returned to the graphic design world by taking a position in the marketing department of a Native American Casino in Upstate NY. Fast forward a few years and I was now a senior designer and doing well. But the cold of upstate NY winters were getting to me, I needed a change of environment.

    I was soon living in the warm climate of central Florida, home to a few theme parks. I had a few small graphic and illustration positions at first, then I was hired by a scenic shop. I was assigned to the carpentry shop at first where I was building props and such for all the theme parks and television commercials. It wasn't long before I was given the opportunity to sculpt some pieces for a project. I must have done something right because by 3 years later I was the lead sculptor for the shop. In 2010, I submitted a drawing for a contest to design the next starship Enterprise held by CBS and the online game Star Trek Online. In May 2011 I was awarded the grand prize. My design was used as the basis for the final ingame design. Ok let's jump ahead to January of 2012, the birth of twins, my son and daughter and my decision to move north once again to be near family and begin working as a contract and freelance artist. With the help of quite a few generous friends and strangers I made it here and that is about it, for now.

  • Let Me Work For You

    Do you have an idea or design you would like created? Perhaps you have a character you need to be fleshed out. I am always available to discuss a commission or contract work. From illustration and graphic design to sculpture and mold making I would be more than happy to discuss options with you. While I do have a price guide I use I do negotiate and will try to work with any budget. If you are not sure if your idea is something I would do, consultation is free so don't hesitate to got to my Contact page and drop me a message. I look forward to hearing from you.

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