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Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers


Entry-level Dell PowerEdge servers feature single- and dual-socket configurations are designed to support small offices to medium-sized businesses.

Entry level Dell Poweredge server

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Top of the line Dell PowerEdge servers offer two to four processors for some truly impressive performance for medium to large-scale businesses.

Premium Dell Poweredge server

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Dell PowerEdge Cloud Servers

PowerEdge Cloud Servers

Dell's PowerEdge cloud servers offer substantial scalability for high-performance computing and specialized cloud environments.

PowerEdge Cloud Servers

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Compute Nodes

Dell's PowerEdge cloud servers support modular high-density compute nodes to increase productivity while reducing IT complexity.

Dell Poweredge compute nodes

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Comes through faster and with better prices than any other vendor. I refuse to buy from anyone else. ”

Jeff Flohr

Dell PowerEdge Modular Infrastructure

Dell PowerEdge FX

Ideal for adapting to changing business demands the PowerEdge FX2 chassis supports modular server, storage, and networking blocks for easy scale out and management.

Dell PowerEdge FX Systems

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FX Server Nodes

Choose from several compute and storage modules to support your unique workload demands. Add more modules or complete chassis to scale.

Dell PowerEdge FX Server Nodes

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Amazing customer service and support... ”

Jason Jones

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers


Dell's PowerEdge entry-level tower servers are designed for small business or home office applications offering enterprise-class performance at an affordable price.

Dell Poweredge T20 Tower Server

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Suitable for a branch or remote office deployment, Dell's Advanced PowerEdge tower servers feature two socket performance and generous storage.

Dell Poweredge T630 Tower

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Dell PowerEdge Blade Enclosures

Blade Enclosures

Dell's PowerEdge enclosures consolidate multiple server blades in a single location with shared power, cooling, networking, with centralized management.

Dell Poweredge m1000e front

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PowerEdge Blades

Dell PowerEdge server blades are supported on the PowerEdge m1000e and VTRX enclosures are ideal for large enterprise businesses and data centers.

Dell Poweredge m830 Blade Server

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I have to say that I was a little apprehensive at first, but Paul totally took care of us. It was probably one of the best purchases our company has made and he guided us through from start to finish. Not only did he do that, but 4 months later when we needed to purchase a little more equipment, he matched everything up that was available at the time and got it to us in record time. I rarely do reviews or "likes", but this is well deserved. ”

Chris Shegich