My review of The Amazing Spiderman 2


This will be a short review. If you go and look at my review of the first Marc Webb/Andrew Garfield Spider-man film, you will see I truly dislike the movie. Now I went into the sequel not expecting a lot judging by it’s predecessor as well as who had a hand in writing it(Bob Orci). This one is no where near as bad as the first film. Not that it is a great movie, just not as bad. What is bad is when this movie stumbles it stumbles hard. I will spoil it slightly by saying it actually has a scene that is basically copied from Joel Schumacher’s first Batman film, Batman Forever, and that is never a good thing. The sad thing is this film looks great, and I mean really great. If the story wasn’t as congested as it is, it would have been a nice redemption from the debacle that was the first film.

I cannot say I hated it per se, i guess it was just ok.


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