My Thoughts on X-Men: Days Of Future Past


There have been seven X-Men films, some have been great (X2) and some have been awful. (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), thankfully this film has earned a place on the top of the list. I was going to write a wordy review but it would be pointless as there are plenty of other reviews that have said exactly what I would have so I will just say go see this movie.

Bryan Singer has in one fell swoop corrected most of the mistakes and miss steps that have hampered the X-Men franchise and those that were not fixed were not brought up so we can, as viewers, assume due to the films time travel elements have been wiped clean as well.

Is it a perfect movie? No but it is a good one. It holds your attention and delivers the goods from the opening scene to the final frame. My only warning would be to those who would want to bring the younger fans, this is not the Avengers. The violence and language in this film push the PG-13 rating to the limit and younger viewers might be frightened or disturbed by some of the visuals. While some hard core fans might be perturbed by the film straying from classic comic storyline by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, in my opinion, is stays true the the essence of what makes the X-Men work. My final word is that it is worth the ticket price and a great popcorn chomping adventure.


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