Newest Addition To My Star Wars Collection.

Been a while since I posted anything here, and what a better way to get back to it than to show this off. Melissa’s grandmother is moving and they are cleaning out her house. This was one item we saved from the trip to Goodwill. 1978 Vintage Star Wars Destroy Death Star board game.

98% intact, its missing to x wing fighter pieces, that I will hunt down on a later date.
Best part of this was the trip to the past I got with the fully intact, Kenner promo booklet that is still stiff from barely being opened and in pretty near perfect condition.
This was the first of the booklets, so most of the items inside were coming soon. I haven’t seen one of these in 35+ years.
Serious geek out moment, it was like being five years old all over again.

I am planning on doing a little restoration to the box, but little else. It’s not that big an item that the worth is that great but it means a lot in nostalgia and coolness to me. Looking forward to sittng down with my kids and playing it. And hopefully we can keep it in good condition so they can have it in the future. Big thanks to Grandma Bertsch for letting us have this.


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