War and Piece Mini Bust

I sculpted this for Dynamic Forces while working for Howard Kalish at Sculptvision in Brooklyn NY back in 2000. It took a few revisions to get it to the exact look comic book creator Randy Queen was looking for. Below is a variant head sculpt that was never produced.
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Spiderman Bank Prototype

A polyurethane casting of a prototype bank for Marvel based on the art of John Romita Sr. This is another sculpt I did while working for Howard Kalish at Sculptvision.  This was roughly painted to show the clients, I never saw the final piece.
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Final Fantasy IX Steiner Prototype

I sculpted this while working at Howard Kalish’s Sculptvision. It was a prototype for a vinyl statue to be produced by Square Soft. Below is one of the reference photos that was used.
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Santa Claus Statue

Unfortunately these are the only surviving images i have of one of my favorite pieces that I have had the privilege of working on. I did not do the rough sculpt, but I was called in after the original artist could not achieve the look the client was after. I redid 99% of the sculpt and was extremely proud of the results. I have never seen the final casting and if anyone has ever seen this available drop me a comment below and let me know.
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