The following recommendations and endorsements can be found on my LinkedIn profile

“Adam Ihle’s contributions to our low-budget indie production were remarkable. He always gave 110%, with a great attitude under difficult conditions. He was creative, skilled, generous, collaborative, enthusiastic and really enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend him.” Glenn Gers, Director – The Accountant


“Adam Ihle is one of the best sculptors I have had the privilege to work with. His ability to visualize and execute the sculpture of original works or to-spec projects in short periods of time accurately and dynamically is amazing. Adam is easy to work with, knowledgeable, intelligent, and efficient. He holds quality as top priority without losing site of budget and time restraints. His ability to price, bid, design, plan, schedule, and fabricate is complimented by his ability to communicate with other professionals and clients, making him an ideal candidate as a manager on any sculpture/ fabrication project.” Brian Cowell, Scenic Artist/Sculptor – Cinnabar Florida


“Adam Ihle is an outstanding Designer and Marketing leader and visionary that exudes Professionalism. Adam is also a leader by example and no matter how much time is required of him to set the direction he still finds time to explore concepts and marketing ideas on the granular level. He does what he does with passion and treats all of his colleagues, both superior and subordinate, with and genuine respect and appreciation. Adam works hard and smart and being with someone like him in a work environment is very energetic. In short, a very creative indiviual with a wealth of talent.” Michael Lumbrazo, Internet Marketing Manager – Always Best Care Senior Services


“Being able to work within a team is of critical importance. Adam was comfortable being both an active participant and leader in different situations. His natural charisma and pleasant personality ensured that he always got along with coworkers and clients alike. His talent speaks for itself.” Christine Deyo Martin, President – FosterMartin Inc. & CEO – Vavalon Solutions

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